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Autoblogging Special Free Report

How To Make Over $150 Per Day, Completely on Auto-Pilot

Special Free Report

This is a very short report as I don’t want to fluff it with unwanted stuff. Please read every word and maybe twice over if you don’t get it the first time. This stuff WORKS!

Auto Blogging Software Free Report


In this special report, you will learn the exact same methods which myself and most other successful internet marketers who were once just plain bloggers, use to rake in a huge sum of money from simple blogs, month after month, completely on auto-pilot.

All it takes is the thirst to make money online and of course a lot of persistence as you won’t be making huge money the very next day you start your blog or business. Just as the popular saying goes; “Rome was not built in one night”.

But it is a very simple plan that even a 9 year old could follow. If you know to speak and write, you can make money off the internet. But how much you make is what matters and it completely depends on how smart you work. Don’t worry, I will help you work smart by automating most of the task so you will make more money than you could ever imagine!

And this is the same system what many ‘gurus’ charge about $50 – $100 to teach others but now, I’m giving it ALL FOR FREE! Yes, completely for FREE!

How much could you make from this system? It totally depends on the amount of work and dedication you put in. On an average, within 6 months time, you could be making over $150 PER DAY! Do it more and you make even more; as simple as that.

In fact, with the help of the auto blogging software, much of your work is automated so you don’t have to sit in front of your PC. Set it and monitor it once a week or so to continue earning the same on auto-pilot for life-time.

Also, this is not a system that just works for a few months and die out. It is a completely proven system that will work even for years to come. You will make money literally on auto-pilot as long as the Internet is alive!

AutoBlogging Software Get Yours Copy NOW!

Autoblogging Software

Autoblogging Software

Here’s the Simple System

Ok, let me just cut to the chase instead of beating around the bush. The simple system I was bashing about all this time is to build a blog, post some articles, secure good rankings in search engines so you get a ton of free traffic which you then monetize with Adsense, affiliate programs and other advertising methods.

Sounds simple? “Been there, done that, didn’t work?” Well, that’s because you did not follow a plan or gave up too quickly!

It is very easy to make $1/day from a single blog, you know it. After all you could maintain a maximum of 3 or even maybe 5 blogs maximum, making a total of $5/day.

But the key to success is to scale this working model. If you could make $1/blog, simply replicate this process and make 150 blogs to reach $150/day. In fact, $1/blog is the minimal amount that you will earn in the worst case. On an average, a blog could be making around $3-5 easily in six months time and in that case, a collection of less than 50 blogs should get you the dream income of $150/day.

The question here is, how do you make 50 blogs or most importantly, how do you maintain 50 blogs when an average person could not post more to more than 3-5 blogs every day.

Well, you could outsource this task but how much are you going to pay your workers per post?

The answer is here: Auto Blogging! What if a software could update ALL your blogs?

Imagine a software that can take content from other websites related your blogs and post them onto your own blog. How much time would you save and how much out sourcing costs you would save?

You simply build the blog, add some feeds to the software and let the software take care of the posting so you could just focus on building more blogs or promoting a few of the old ones and just keep collecting the cash that grows day by day.

Vaguely get the idea? Let me give you the WORKING PLAN!

AutoBlogging Software Get Yours Copy NOW!

Autoblogging Software

Autoblogging Software

Here’s the Action Plan

This is a 7-Day action plan which you rinse and repeat as many times you wish to grow your revenue.

Day 1:

As every business begins with a niche, today we will do a little bit of research to find what we’re going to build blogs on. Don’t panic! We don’t need to dive deep into the research but just find some profitable niches that have a bit of competition.

I always begin with my own interest. Say if I’m interested in cars, I would consider that as a niche and it already has a huge competition. Also, it is a very broad niche so we will split into as many sub-topics as possible. Say for example, Luxury cars, Sports cars, Budget cars, Hybrid Cars and so on. You may also consider dividing as BMW, Audi and so on as the brand name goes.

Any niche that would roughly get around 50,000 searches a month is good to go. If it gets anything more than that, consider getting sub-niches on the same.

So today, we will find about 7-10 different niches or sub-niches all together and in the coming days of the week, we will build a blog on each of this niches, one per day.

Day 2:

Ok, we’ve got the niches ready; starting today we’re going to build a blog on each one of them.

But before we begin, we have 2 options now to proceed further. To either take the Free or the Paid (self-hosted WordPress blog) and to make it easier for you to in deciding the best one, I will list a few pros and cons of both.

First the Free one: Remember, is owned by the Big G now and they’re notorious to closing down blogs anytime for no reason just because they own it. The only advantage I could think over is that you could start a blog in less than a minute as opposed to WordPress where it would take about 3-5 minutes.

AutoBlogging Software Get Yours Copy NOW!

Autoblogging Software

Autoblogging Software

Why I always recommend using WordPress? Firstly, you have total control over your blog.

Picture this: would you ever buy a car and park it in your friend’ home? Sure it costs some money to own a parking space but consider the benefits.

Also, WordPress has a ton of SEO benefits provided by a few additional plug-ins (free ones) which is absolutely essential if you rely on organic search engine traffic as it is free and continues for life-time.

Can you think of any other better benefit apart from this? Certainly not!

And if you consider about the expenses involved, you can get a domain name for just less than $10/year and unlimited hosting account for $5-6/mo.

In one domain, you can have unlimited sub-domains each of them with a WordPress blogs! Just like owning your own network of

Coming back to our plan, if you decide to go by the totally free way, I suggest creating one Free blog for every sub-niche.

Or if you would like to spend some money to take advantage of the benefits, buy a domain name (if possible with a keyword of your main niche in the name). For example, if we’re going to blog about cars, you can buy the domain name as “” or something similar.

Then for every sub-niche, we will have them on sub-domains like


SportsCars. and so on.

So for a niche, you could find about 10 sub-niches or sometimes just 4-5.

If you don’t want to buy any more domains for holding a new totally different broad niche, say “Video games”, I suggest you get a generic domain name like “” and have all the sub-niches onto sub-domains.

Ok, so we’ve got the niches, ready and also the domain name options decided.

AutoBlogging Software Get Yours Copy NOW!

Autoblogging Software

Autoblogging Software

Let’s get to the core part. Starting from Today (Day 2), for the next 5 days, we will build one blog each day on one of the chosen niches (1 per day). So in the next 5 days, we will have 5 blogs built.

You say, “I can build 5 blogs in one day”? NO! Stop doing that! I can build a blog in like 5 minutes or even lesser but I want you to spend some extra time and build a good blog. In case of a free blog, you’re pretty much limited to changing themes and sorts. But in the case of WordPress, you can install some good SEO plug-ins, apply and customize some beautiful themes, add categories, change permalink structure, add ping list and all sorts of small tweaks you could do to get the blog rank high in search engines.

So you spend maximum about half hour in building the blog but it gets even more quicker to about 15 minutes once you get used to it.

Here’s comes the important part!

Once you’ve built the blog, you must find some other websites related to the same niche of you blog, from where you could get content onto your blog. You could find this easily by a Google search and for every blog you build, I suggest finding about 3-5 source websites from where you will take the content for your own blog.

Now you simply have to add your newly created blog to the software and then the 3-5 source websites you found for taking content. The software will take care of the rest. It will find new content from those 3-5 websites and prompts you with them. You then simply have to choose the articles and press a button. The software will automatically post to your blog.

So you repeat the process of building a blog and finding 3-5 websites on your blog’ niche for content and add to the software everyday for the next 5 days.

To refresh things: Day 1 you found about 7-10 niches. From Day 2-6, you took one niche per day and built a blog on it. And you also found 3-5 websites to take content from and publish on these blogs.

AutoBlogging Software Get Yours Copy NOW!

Autoblogging Software

Autoblogging Software

Day 7:

This is the day when you actually put the software to work! All these days, you’ve built some blogs, added to the software along with some feed source websites to it.

Today you will open the software, tell it to update all feeds and find new content published in source websites. Once it has fetched all the content, you quickly go through all the new articles fetched and delete the ones you don’t like. Then select the rest and tell the software to post. The software will immediately post all of the articles to your blog and schedules them to be published slowly over time for the coming week.

Next week you again repeat the same process on Day 7, but by that time you would have added another 5 blogs to your arsenal. Get me? I suggest you to go scroll up to Day 1 and re-read the process until you totally understand what I’m doing because it is a very simple process once you get your hands on it but might be intimidating for some especially if you’re new to blogging.

Also, in the Day 2-6 plan, starting from second week, after building a blog and finding some feed sources, you must spend a little time in promoting the blog you build the previous week. Say you built a blog today, find some feed sources and sorts, next week the same day, you will be promoting the blog that you just built. Promotion could be anything from social bookmarking, back link building or even article submissions. This is just to get your blog indexed and you do this only once. Of course you can do this once a month or so but this is the task that may outsource. The more you promote, more money you make.

Understand how this entire plan works?


AutoBlogging Software Get Yours Copy NOW!

Autoblogging Software

Autoblogging Software

To your success,

Lisa Mavridis

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