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WPRobot the Next Generation Autoblogging Plugin

WPRobot is the most Commanding Autoblogging plugin for WP Weblogs.  This autoblogging plugin will automatically post videos from YouTube, Clickbank Ads, Amazon Products, and eBay auctions.  There are a total of 21 different content source options for you to populate your autoblogs with.  WPRobot is a multifaceted autoblogging solution that offers its users unlimited possibilities.  No matter how you choose to operate WPRobot it is important to remember in order to achieve success your content must not look like it was automated.  Autoblogging with WPRobot sets their values much higher on producing content that appears more natural to visitors.  Additionally it’s has affordable search engine optimization techniques in place for search engines to find you quicker.

wprobot image

Autoblogging with WPRobot is unlike all other autoblogging software plugins on the market today.  WPRobot autoblogging plugin is so ROBUST and exploding with features that it is by far the most Superior Autoblogging Tool on the market.  This creates Powerful autoblogging WordPress weblogs that enable you to set it and forget it!

WPRobot has an unprecedented number of features that it offers.  A key feature being the Randomization of content to your autoblogging site.  Autoblogging with WPRobot sets the value much higher on producing content that appears more natural to a visitor.  Additionally, it’s has affordable search engine optimization techniques in place for search engines to find your autoblogging sites faster. autoblogging word press video tutorials

wprobot content list image

WPRobot Targets Posts

WPRobot can create automated targeted posts for any keyword or keywords and niche topic you choose in your autoblogging weblog.  Long tail keywords produce the best results for the search engines and are a great affordable search engine optimization tool that WPRobot offers to it users. word press video tutorials autoblogging

WPRobot Keyword Organizer

If you are autoblogging then you will be operating multiple autoblogging sites which can get confusing if you are not organized.  Organizing keywords in campaigns is effortlessly done with WPRobot.  Each WPRobot campaigns can contain any number of keywords and this autoblogging software will post a random keyword from the campaign giving your autoblogging weblog a natural look. word press video tutorials and autoblogging

WPRobot Template Posts

WPRobot goes even further for by using templates for your postings.  WPRobot randomly chooses different templates for each post leading people to never suspect it is an autoblogging blogsite created by WPRobot. This is another example of how WPRobot has implemented affordable search engine optimization techniques to help you. autoblogging

wprobot module template image

WPRobot Keyword Replace/Exclude Feature

WPRobot can Replace and Exclude keywords that you choose to prevent certain words from appearing on your autoblogging weblogs.  WPRobot even allows you to post content into normal non auto-posts.  In addition to autoblogging with WPRobot you can insert content into the normal non-automated posts you write to your weblogs.  This will help to insert targeted Flickr images, wBay auctions products, Amazon affiliate products and more into your autoblogging posts. autoblogging then word press video tutorials

WPRobot Category Posts

Amazingly you can create posts to any category in WPRobot weblogs.  Pick different catagories for different keywords or have WPRobot create one for you for each keyword you use.  You can create a structured parent and child category or WPRobot allows the possibility of adding autoposts to any number of different categories of your choice at the same time.

WPRobot Post Times

WPRobot allows the user to choose the interval times for every keyword posting to their autoblogging weblogs.  You can also create a large amount of posts backdated giving the appearance they had been there for some length of time.  All of these features give your WPRobot autoblogging blogsite a more natural look creating affordable search engine optimization features. autoblogging then word press video tutorials

WPRobot Link Cloaking

WPRobot includes a link cloaker features so your customers will never see that ugly affiliate link.  Do not loose a customer because of an ugly link.  It is know that people do not like to think they are being sold and when they see a long ugly affiliate link they leave that page and you loose a potential sale.  We are trying to make money not loose it so protect your commissions with WPRobot link cloaker feature.  This is a must and is affordable search engine optimization at its best.

WPRobot Copyright Issues

WPRobot has elimited the worry for copyright issues.  WPRobot grabs content from official API programs and is allowed to be republished by its creators. autoblogging autoblogging word press video tutorials

WPRobot Images

When you decide on WPRobot you will have an unmatched autoblogging site commanding the attention of the search engines.  WPRobot can automatically setup a feature image to be used as a thumbnail display on your autoblogging site. WPRobot can also Image Cache, which is the ability to save all the images found in the created conent to your server.  This prevents them from getting lost or appearing on Google Images. word press video tutorials

 wprobot campaign report image

The beauty of WPRobot is that the autoblogging plugin is completely customizable right down to its core.  WPRobot is the fundamental part of the plugin.  WPRobot has no posting powers by itself it is the framework of the plugin awaiting the modules to be applied to it.  There are 3 Core versions of WPRobot for you autoblogging needs: autoblogging

Basic Core
  • up to 20 keywords
  • use WP Robot at up to 20 websites
  • featured link in footer
  • Free
Advanced Core
  • up to 50 keywords
  • use WP Robot at up to 40 websites
  • no featured link
  • Only $15
Elite Core
  • unlimited keywords
  • use WP Robot on unlimited number of websites
  • no featured link
  • Only $30

WPRobot Modules

There are several different modules 21 and counting that make up WPRobot autoblogging plugin.  Having tremendous flexibility means having great power on your autoblogging weblogs.  The beauty in WPRobot is the customization option allowing you to order only those features you need and want at the moment.  autoblogging

WPRobot is an extraordinary affordable search engine optimization autoblogging tool that makes your life more SIMPLIFIED.  Autoblogging your internet business is a great inexpensive means to promote your product(s) and increase your traffic & rankings. affordable search engine optimization autoblogging

WPRobot brings relevant content and products to one place for your customers.  Become an expert in your niche; develop a following of customers that look to you as an authority for information.  Your autoblogging site created with WPRobot will become a key resource for them.  You will feature the latest information available on the internet for your keyword or keyword phrases.  You decide the keywords and niche market, WPRobot will start searching the web to find the best content to make your autoblogging site rank on the first 2 pages of Google. WPRobot will help your business grow by: word press video tutorials   autoblogging

•WPRobot will Earn More Money
•WPRobot will Save Precious Time
•WPRobot will Drive More Traffic

Word Press Video Tutorials

Word Press Video Tutorials are available for you.  They will introduce you to the plugins features and help you use WPRobot to the fullest extent possible.  The Word Press Video Tutorials can only been viewed by WPRobot customers they include: Word Press Video Tutorials

  1. Installation of WPRobot
  2. Creating Campaigns; Your 1st Campaign creation
  3. Creating Campaigns;Advanced & Optional Settings
  4. Creating Campaigns;Post Templates in WPRobot
  5. Creating Campaigns;RSS Feeds & BrowseNode Campaigns

In addition to these Word Press Video Tutorials for WPRobot if you are unfamiliar with how to use WordPress and the functionalities of this POWERFUL blogging platform then check out these Word Press Video Tutorials by MaxBlogPress called WordPress Wizard. Word Press Video Tutorials autoblogging

In addition to all the Word Press Video Tutorials available there is a Support Forum also.  You need to register but once there you will see the latest discussions, forums available and some Hot Tags to view topics on.  word press video tutorials

Autoblogging with WPRobot will explode your blog and increase traffic.  If you are not convinced then let us convince you download the Free Demo Version Now Click here to visit WPRobot.



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